Three Ways To Keep Your Home's Eavestroughs In Tip-Top Condition


The eavestroughs that surround the edge of your home's roof are vitally important to preventing flooding in your home. By collecting rainwater and carrying it to a series of downspouts, the eavestroughs ensure that the water doesn't linger on your roof where it could soak through the shingles to the wood sheathing below. Although they're not overly convenient to access, it's important for homeowners to take a series of steps to keep their eavestroughs running optimally. Neglecting this network can lead to headaches in the form of considerable repair issues. Not sure what you need to do? Here are three ways to keep the eavestroughs working properly.

Clean Them Regularly

Whether you choose to hire an eavestrough cleaning service or would rather perform this maintenance job yourself, it's important to clean the eavestroughs regularly. Over time, small twigs, leaves and other debris from nearby trees will fill the eavestroughs; if left unattended, this vegetation will form a blockage that impedes the proper flow of water. The number of trees in your yard partially dictates how frequently you should tackle this cleaning job. In general, however, aiming to get the work done two to four times per year is the best way to keep your eavestroughs clear and working correctly.

Install Eavestrough Shields

If you aren't fond of the idea of cleaning your eavestroughs multiple times per year -- perhaps if you have a significant number of trees around your home that make the cleaning process arduous -- it's worthwhile to explore the idea of installing eavestrough shields. Typically made of lightweight aluminum, these shields mount directly on top of the eavestroughs and prevent debris from falling inside. Although rainwater can enter through small holes, the shields will keep your home's eavestroughs largely clean for years at a time. While it's occasionally useful to remove one shield and check for any buildup inside the eavestrough, the installation of shields is an ideal way to ensure that this system works correctly.

Trim Surrounding Trees

Over time, tree branches can grow into your eavestroughs, knocking them off the edge of your roof or otherwise damaging them. You should always keep an eye out for tree branches that have grown too long and hire a tree-trimming company to remove them or do the work on your own. Keep in mind that branches can move considerably during periods of high wind, so a branch that doesn't appear overly close to your home can actually make contact with your eavestroughs on a windy day.

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6 January 2016

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