Three Questions To Ask When You Get New Gutters Installed


When the gutters on your home are damaged or worn out, they can quickly lead to damage to your roof due to their ability to transfer rainwater away from the roofing shingles. You can avoid the potential of this risk -- and hefty repair bill -- by hiring a contractor to replace your gutters as soon as you realize there's a problem. It's beneficial to take a little time to find the right gutter service; asking your neighbors for their recommendations and even reading online reviews can help you find someone reputable. When you've narrowed your search to a few candidates, call each one to discuss your needs and ask these three questions.

What Extra Features Are Worth Considering?

Many contractors can simply install new gutters, but you want to hire a contractor who's an industry leader in not only doing the job, but also working with customers to ensure their gutters systems are the best they can be. There are a number of available extra features that can make your gutters work better and last longer, so you should expect a top contractor to list some of the available options for you and explain why they're beneficial. For example, gutter guards eliminate your need to have your gutters cleaned two or more times per year; larger downspouts draw the water away more quickly, which is beneficial in areas that have heavy rainfall.

Can You Ensure That The Gutters Match The Look Of My Home?

It's ideal when your gutters simply blend in and aren't overly noticeable from the ground outside your home. One of the ways that they can blend in effectively is if they're properly colour matched to the colour of your siding and even your roof. Make sure that your gutter contractor can provide a wide range of colours for you to consider; reputable gutter services have access to a long list of colours that will match most homes effectively.

Do You Use Your Own Crew Or Subcontractors?

Some gutter services hire subcontractors for at least part of the job, such as tearing down the old gutters; although this shouldn't be a concern to you, some homeowners prefer hiring services that handle the job themselves with their own crews. This scenario is generally ideal because you can expect a high degree of quality and if you're concerned about any part of the job, you'll know exactly who to contact. Contact a contractor, like Unique Gutters & Exteriors gutters, for more help.


4 March 2016

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